yumseng.com was launched on Lunar New Year, 5th February 2000 as a non-commercial wine information website. Sometime around 2006, the website evolved into a blog which featured articles on wine, wine & food pairing and Nihonshu (Sake). In 2013, the blog became silent, when the author/editor became the Wine Columnist for The Sunday Times, writing the fortnightly Grape 101 column.

yumseng.com is now in a state of dormancy, as the author is awfully busy doing other far more important things with his time.

The meaning of YUMSENG…!!!

YUMSENG is from the Cantonese dialect of Guangdong Province in Southern China, and literally means to “drink to victory” or “drink to success“.

It is a toast typically used during festivities like weddings, or for any general celebration where alcoholic drinks are consumed in copious quantities.

YUMSENG” is usually shouted out three times in succession, and with increasing volume.

The first syllable “YUM” is always extended, while the second syllable “SENG” is usually shorter and sometimes tapers off.